Good things and happy times

Thing the first.

CRAOL Achievement Awards 2014 - SOTR (2)

The documentary I was involved in producing, which was pitched by Martina O’Brien (former Wired 99.9FM Station Manager) and edited by Aidan Long (current Station Manager), won a CRAOL award 🙂

The documentary aired in 4 episodes and focused on the lives of LGBT people living in Limerick.

Each 30 minute show has its own theme.

The judge said it was an “outstanding programme. Excellent social awareness and analysis”.

Colour me delighted!

You can see a list of all the winners here.

So who are CRAOL?

In a nutshell (as per their website) –

Craol is the representative, co-ordinating, lobbying, training, and support group for the Irish Community Radio Movement.

The CRAOL achievement awards were started in 2007 as a way for its member community radio stations to showcase their work.

Moral of the story?

When you access third level education be sure to get involved with your student radio station (and any other club or society that you fancy). At the very least, you’ll learn some basic media skills, and you never know, you might even help your station to win an award. I didn’t study media and some of my best college times have revolved around Wired 99.9FM. Not going to college? Then get involved with your local community radio. It makes listening to commercial radio a more interesting experience when you have hands on “behind the scenes” experience.

Thing the second.

I’ve been accepted onto a course that I really want to do. It starts tomorrow at 9a.m. – which means that I really need to get this blog post wrapped up!

Thing the third.

I won an Instagram competition! 🙂

Thanks to Taiga Hilliard I got to choose a skein of her wonderful One of a Kind Knits (OOAKK) yarn and a pattern of my choice from her online store Cashmere Junkie.

I shall blog more on my prizes when I receive my lovely yarn in the post and can share photos with you.

I’m a very happy knitter. 😀

Right, I’ve got to stop typing and head off to get some sleep before my hectic week.

Happy crafting.





2 thoughts on “Good things and happy times

  1. Lou im delighted for you, karma definitely at play here, thats an amazing achievement, best of luck tomorrow, hope it goes well .

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