Blue Triangular Shawl: The Sequel

The tale of this shawl goes back to 2012!

You can go see for yourself here.

My lovely friend Sarah gifted me a ball of Creative Yarns (UK) Reflections Classic Collection – Shade 105 Dye Lot 39666.

I still remember how absolutely delighted I was to receive it as I had been eyeing up a similar colourway in a different yarn line at the time. It’s like she was reading my mind! 🙂 Awesome friends are awesome. Little did she know that her gift of yarn would keep me occupied in 2012 and in 2014.

Quick & Easy Scarf 003

My first play with this yarn was in following a pattern found in one of my many knitting magazines. In this case, an issue of Simply Knitting (pictured above).

Quick & Easy Scarf 004

I had so much fun seeing the colour graduations appear as I knit. Unusually for me, I followed the pattern as it was shown. However, this led me into difficulties as you can read here. There was an error in the pattern. The Making Spot (now sadly defunct) was able to help me out by providing me with an amended version of the pattern.


As you can see, following the pattern, amendments and all, left me with a rather petite shawlette. I was so delighted to be finished the project that I left it as was and decided that if I knit the shawl again that I would add in more repeats in order to make it bigger.

Jasper Hoodie and Blue Shawl 005

Time went on by, as it is wont to do, and I found that my lovely looking blue triangle wasn’t getting any wear. It just wasn’t long enough to be feasible for me to wear in the way that I generally use shawls. So, with exams looming I decided that it was the perfect time to undo the cast off, place the stitches back onto a circular and add those repeats in order to make it longer.


Quilting Techniques and Blue Shawl 027


Adding those repeats made me feel a whole lot better about my abilities as I faced into my exams. There’s nothing like craftwork to remind a person that exams aren’t everything and that grades aren’t everything. I’m still a capable crafter (even if my mind doesn’t retain all the the information available to me in my notes about Transactional SQL).

Quilting Techniques and Blue Shawl 028


It’s a grand size now and I got to wear it, feeling ridiculously warm, on my way to my 2nd last exam.

(Please ignore the state of the car. I try my best to do precisely that).

Quilting Techniques and Blue Shawl 029

My exams are all done and dusted now and so is my Blue Triangular Shawl (for the second and final time).

Happy crafting from Squidge and me :)

Happy crafting from Squidge and me 🙂

Oh, by the way, I have another lovely friend (I’m lucky with my friends 🙂 ) called Hazel who will be on the Great Irish Bake Off tonight. You can see more here. I’m totally #teamhazel



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