A Beautiful Gift

Emma Jervis gave us the gift of her time, patience and skillset to capture images of our three generations.

We adore these images.

Emma did a wonderful job capturing Wyatt’s personality and the features and expressions of his that we associate with our little Squidge.

This is a link to her website. Go and explore some of her other photography. It will be a feast for the eyes.

Here is a selection of some of the beautiful gift she gave us.

In news of the knitting kind, I’m two thirds of the way through a commission for a classmate.

Magic Coffee Baby Hat designed by Tracey Kay

Magic Coffee Baby Hat designed by Tracey Kay

She was quite taken with the colourway of one of Wyatt’s Magic Coffee Baby Hats and asked for one in an adult size in the same colourway but without the top knot.

So, after checking in with her about what kind of adult hat she’d like, we settled on a slouch style and I’m using this pattern from Knitting magazine, August 2010 Issue 79. You may recognise it from here.  I’ve made two hats from this pattern already and they were both welcomed and worn by their recipients.

This is the yarn that my classmate likes so much when knitted. It’s Sirdar Snuggly Crofter Baby Fair Isle Effect DK.

For anyone who’s interested, and for my future ease of reference, the Shade is 0166 and the Dye Lot is 145149.

St. Patricks Day 2014 089

This is the stage the slouch hat is currently at. My classmate tried it on for size this morning (DPNs sticking out and all).

It fits (she was very relieved about this as it looks smaller on the needles and the ribbing pulls the fabric in).

This post is going to be a baby-kniting-baby sandwich type of affair. I led with baby photos and I’m ending with baby photos.

I hope you all had a Happy St. Patrick’s Day. So does Wyatt. 🙂

Milk Drunk on Paddy's Day

Milk Drunk on Paddy’s Day

St. Patricks Day 2014 080

Super Irish Baby! Hon the Irish!


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