Oh the tension!


Let me tell you all about my tension!

See this thing?

This is my Lervia sewing machine

This is my Lervia sewing machine

The fabric you see is part of an applique cushion project that become part of a craft demo in Hickey’s on Cruises Street.

The tutorial I was provided with was lovely and straightforward.

My machine, on the other hand, was anything but lovely and straightforward to use.

The top thread kept snapping.

My lovely friend Hazel advised that I needed to sort out my tension.

Rum and coke! That would sort out my tension I cried!

Wyatt Week 5 100 Wyatt Week 5 103 Wyatt Week 5 105 Wyatt Week 5 106 Wyatt Week 5 107 Wyatt Week 5 108 Wyatt Week 5 109 Wyatt Week 5 111 Wyatt Week 5 112

As you can see, I made some headway amid all the snapping thread and snapping nerves.

Alison in Hickey’s is a credit to all that is patient and helpful. I came into the store on high doe worried about my woeful work and was greeted with her smiling, encouraging and helpful self.

All was well in the end. I even got a round of applause for my efforts (though I think that was more to do with the good nature of my audience and my comedy routine than my craftwork).

The librarians are getting antsy and I have to go (in LIT using the internet dontcha know).

So, as is becoming my tradition here, I shall leave you with a slice of cuteness in the form of my little Squidge.

Happy crafting folks!

Wyatt Week 5 191



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