Getting back into the knit of things

Having been thoroughly besotted with and distracted by this little, but ever growing, FO (though, I suppose, he really is a WIP),

He looks like he's plotting mischief of some sort :)

He looks like he’s plotting mischief of some sort šŸ™‚


I decided it was high time to cast on a yarn based WIP.

Of course, the yarny WIP is for the human WIP.

Sept 428

Sept 427

I used a some Double Knitting Baby by Stylecraft in “Baby Denim” to cast on the edge of, what became a heavily modified, Magic Coffee Baby Hat.

The crown of the hat was worked with FAB varigated DK.

Wyatt 053 Wyatt 057

It went from this……

The DPN's used are Takumi 4mm

The DPN’s used are Takumi 4mm


To this in a few hours.

Wyatt Week 3 022 Wyatt Week 3 023 Wyatt Week 3 024

It’s got a lovely basketweave effect and I really like how the crown turned out.

It can be worn either way. The top picture shows it as I knit it up with rows of purl breaking up a staggered 2 x 2 rib.

The 2nd photo shows the inside which really looks like a basketweave with some purling thrown in for good measure.

Wyatt’s momma didn’t notice the difference between the two sides of fabric (even with concentrated squinting).

I used the stitch counts from the Magic Baby Coffee Hat for 2nd size up.

I’ll leave you with a parting photo of my snoozing grandbaby (no wonder I’m distracted!).

He approved of the top I was wearing. You can read about it here and here.

Wyatt Week 3 019

Happy crafting!




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