Another finished item

LoudCrafts 041

Another adaptation of the Puerperium cardigan measurements which has turned out quite successfully.

I’m rather pleased with it. It’s so exciting to think that my little grandson will be snuggled up in this sooner rather than later.

I’d realised that a lot of the cardigans that I’d knit for him are rather generously sized. As the lad is quite likely to be dinky I decided that I should make him some dinkier items. This cardigan was knit on 3mm needles instead of 4mm needles and I think the change in needle size did the trick.

I’m ever so slowly making progress with setting up my little craft business. It now has its own blog. As I’m without internet at home, things are not proceeding at the pace that I would like them to, but proceed they will.

As you’ve probably guessed, I’m typing up this blog post in the LIT library so I should probably make use of the last 30 minutes before the librarians start enthusiastically declaring that the library is closing.

Top Down V-Neck 001

This little red number is currently on my needles. It has a top down construction and is destined to be a V-neck jumper. The momma-to-be has declared that her son has quite enough cardigans with oodles of buttons waiting for him and that it’s high time that he have handknit jumpers with absolutely no buttons.

Right, I’m off. Happy crafting!


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