Oh the digits!

The digits, numbers and sums that had my crafters brain befuddled as I adapted the Puerperium cardigan into a regular front opening top down cardigan!

I’ve played around with the pattern before in order to create this.

So you’d think, as I’ve done it before, that I would be able to easily do it again.

Alas and alack! Twas not so. With surreptitious tinkering of numbers and diagrams in Strategic Management (shhhh, don’t tell my lecturer), I managed to figure my way to rearranging the stitches without having to add or subtract any.

It will nicely match the Magic Coffee Baby Hat I made

And this is what I made it out of. Sirdar Snuggly Crofter Baby Fair Isle DK

Shade 0174 Lot 148993


I have a request for my lovely readers. A lovely friend of mine has a studious son who is keen to get a good grade in a project which involves having a Facebook page. His page is called “iStyleUs”. It would be awesomely kind of you to take the time to head over to and like his page (if you’re on FB that is). Thank you!

As I’m back in the LIT library I should probably get back to doing some actual work now that I’ve finished my blog post.

Back to Ops I go, back to Ops I go. Heigh ho, the merry-o! Back to Ops I go!


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