Done, done, done!

Earflap hat and tin can knits hat 021

This is made from what was left over from making Wyatt’s homecoming blanket

I think this is a sweet little colourway. .  I’d happily let it adorn my grandbaby boys head. His momma-to-be on the other hand disapproves as it has pink in it. *sigh*  So, instead, this is one for the Hope Chest and shall be gifted to another baby at some point in the future. There is a slight imperfection in it, thanks to a silly knot in the ball, which shall be disguised by the addition of a cute character patch. It’s not a glaring imperfection but I notice it.

The yellow item beneath the hat is another Puerperium cardigan. The sleeves have yet to be finished. More yarn is required to do this. The momma-to-be wants it to be a yellow cardigan so it makes sense that the sleeves also be yellow. I’m hoping it won’t be too much longer before I can splash out and get the yarn. Oh the joys of being a college going nana-to-be on a stupidly restrictive budget.

Wyatt's homecoming blanket

Wyatt’s homecoming blanket

You can see the weensie amount of pink. Weensie I tell ya.

You can see the weensie amount of pink. Weensie I tell ya.

Friendship is equality 016

It would have been handy if I had uploaded these in the order in which they were knit, wouldn’t it. That, however, would’ve been far too straightforward and not at all like me.

Friendship is equality 017

Look at those lovely crown decreases. Just look at them. The way they flow upward and culminate in the i-cord. Yes, I am a dork when it comes to the finer points of knitting and I’m just fine and dandy about that. I’m a dork and proud of it. 🙂

I’m such a dork about these things that I may have altered the decrease method so that it has more of a flow. I know. I know. I’m sweating the small stuff. It’s fun though and pleases me greatly.

Friendship is equality 008

This is the little hat that had to be frogged just as I reached the crown decreases. Look at it now. All lovely and with the right stitch count all the way through. There’s more of this colourway left. It shall become a top down cardigan for a newborn and also be placed in the Hope Chest. Credit where it is due, this is a Magic Coffee Baby Hat by Treacy Kay.

Friendship is equality 010

Buttons have finally been sewn onto the two latest Puerperium cardigans.

It’s thanks to the latest SnB meet up in The Hunt Museum Cafe that I got those buttons finally sewn on. The lovely hot chocolate kindly bought for me by Edell may have helped to provide the right amount of energy and focus required for the task. That, and several pairs of eyes looking at the progress I was making.

Thinking in Numbers by David Tammet

Thinking in Numbers by David Tammet

As we have established that I am indeed a dork, let me share some more of my dorky pleasure. “Thinking in Numbers – How Maths Illuminates our Lives” by David Tammet. The writer has a lovely way of sharing his fascination with numbers. I’ve just discovered that he has a blog *happy dance* The book isn’t all digits and dullness. David weaves his own recollections of his fascination with numbers with historical takes on math. For instance, did you know that the idea of zero was a relatively new concept in the time of Shakespeare? Equally, the use of digitis 1,2,3,3,5 and so on were also a relatively new development.

This copy of his book is on loan from The Granary Library. It’s free to join and the staff are only delightful.

Right, I’ve got to get back to the scintillating world of databases.

Happy crafting!


2 thoughts on “Done, done, done!

    • I know! I totally don’t get the sense of depriving any child of any part of the colour spectrum!

      Thank you for the positive feedback. I’m loving the cute little weensy sizes that I’m getting to make in the run up to my grandbabys arrival. Such fun.

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