I don’t want to string you along………

I have a lovey skein of art yarn that made its way to me from a town in the vicinity of San Francisco.

It’s a wonderful concoction with a blend of exotic fibres and features. Yet I’ve let it sit and be pretty, kept at a distance from my needles and my hands, because I don’t want to make a mess of it.

Making a jolly old mess of things is how I’ve learned how to be the knitter, and dare I say, the person, that I am today. So why in the world of the purls and plains am I so afraid of what might be that I’m letting something wonderful just sit there?

It’s become my stash equivalent of that walking slice of hotness that is such a boon to your life that situating them safely in the friend zone is a safer bet than taking the chance that you and they could be something more.

Goodness gracious! I’ve friend-zoned my prize yarn!

Give me any type of acrylic, silk, cotton, rayon or woolly yarn you like and I’ll whip it up into something. While it’s true that I’ve come across yarns that I’ve declined to work with (such as that pink and white plastic fantastic monstrosity pictured below *shudders*), this is the first yarn that lands me in a state of anxiety.

I don't even know what it is. It feels like condensed plastic shopping bag string. It was part of a bag of stash I was gifted.

I don’t even know what it is. It feels like condensed plastic shopping bag string. It was part of a bag of stash I was gifted.

Sure I’ve had my share of pretty yarns but this yarn is different to all the others. It’s a one of a kind.

Here’s the nitty gritty detail:

It’s Wild Stuff by Prism

Aran / 10 ply
Nylon, Mohair, Wool, Alpaca, Silk
300 yards / 180 grams

Skeins like this don’t come into my life very often. I make not be in the position to have such a beautiful and interesting skein in my life again, or at least, not for a very long time.

Oh the potential!

The unused and unexpressed potential curled up in the fibres of that delicately wound skein.

Is my skillset up to the task of showing it to its best advantage?

What in the world would I make out of it that would best suit its nature and make up?

It’s not the kind of yarn that’s easy to tink back, so what if I make a mistake and it becomes a ruined tangle?!

What if, and oh, and goodness gracious me! The anxiety!

My “I think about you a lot” queen of skeins, who makes me feel inadequate to the task of making the best of you.  I don’t want to string you along so don’t get me wrong when I pick you up and admire how your fibres intertwine. I can’t take my eyes off of you but I’m not the one you should be counting on to spend time on the couch with while we experiment with what shapes we could make together. Oh the wonderful things that could be……….. if only I’d stop being a wuss and get my crafting act together.

Instead I’ll make do with a respectable little acrylic blend to keep my hands busy and satisfy my immediate needs. There’s a comfort that comes from knowing what the outcome will be and knowing that I won’t be heartbroken if it doesn’t work out with the respectable acrylic blend. Besides, we’re used to each other now.

Why rock the boat by taking a chance on the exotic skein when it could go hopelessly wrong? As it is, I can admire it’s pretty self from a distance.

I mean, how could a skein as marvellous as this one is, be content with what I have to offer?

Could being transformed into a scarf with humbly simple stitches possibly satisfy the potential of such a skein?

I don’t know. It’s that lack of certainty that keeps my hands idle.

Of course, having taken it for granted for the past couple of years that my pretty skein will be there when I want it……….when I went to find it to take a picture of it for this blog post, I couldn’t find it………

That was to be expected really.

I may have been influenced by this before writing this blog post.


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