I do, I totally do!

Bring my knitting everywhere with me.

Magic Coffee Baby Hat Number 3 001

This photo was taken just before I left the college library yesterday.

Stitches and Stacks

Stitches and Stacks

This photo was taken just now. Stitches and stacks. The story of my current life.

I’ll have this Magic Coffee Baby Hat cast off this evening.

I may as well take the opportunity to plug my college. LIT offer part-time and evening courses which you can read about in their learn for life book or read about here. You can also read about the Interim Head of the City of Culture.

Ops management drew me back to campus after lunch and I’ve caught up with work that I missed.

While working through the first two SAP tutorials  I was warm and toasty as I merrily entered data and followed directions.

Then the warmth in the room evaporated and I gradually hunched over the computer screen more and more until I felt a move to a bell tower might be in the offing. I left for the warmth of the library after I became uttery stumped by a question in the third tutorial. I think the cold of the computer room made my brain cells sluggish. The library seemed a much better destination. Power points and wi-fi. Whoo hoo!

Yes, I know, I’m such a serious student, aren’t I? I’m still here and I got myself to college and I’m inclined to stay attending college. I deserve to have my fun with it too.

Now it’s nearing closing time in the library and I’d much rather stay here than go. Though going home means hot chocolate and the prospect of a fire. I’m meant to be completing a form. Chatting with a friend from Social Care seemed more appropriate though and has certainly lifted my spirits. Plus, I’ve now got a new blog post done. That’s being productive, isn’t it?

My phone app has informed me that I need to go purchase broccoli and bread moments after the librarian utilised the tannoy to let us know that the library will be closing at 9pm.

I shall leave you with a gratuitous cute cat photo. This is a craft blog. I shall soon be a knitting nana, so why not throw in another stereotype just for good measure.

Buttons laid claim to Megs foot and refused to release it for quite some time this morning.

Buttons laid claim to Megs foot and refused to release it for quite some time this morning.


Happy crafting folks.


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