Porcine creatures sprouted wings

Those pigs did fly after all.

Tea was supped and the sleeves were tinked back and redone.

Of course, in the redoing, I managed to make a mistake.

Can you spot it??

I seem to have run out of appropriately sized buttons for Puerperium Cardigans.

Art and Hobby do button packs for €3.99. I shall have a look for some neutral buttons tomorrow.

As a note to myself, and in case you’re interested, the blue yarn I’ve been using to edge garments is Sirdar Calico Double Knitting Shade 0731 Lot 109108 60% Cotton and 40% Acrylic 520g/158m. It’s wonderfully soft. I must see if I can find some more.

I now have a new work-in-progress on my needles.

It’s from a booklet of baby garment patterns that I got free with Issue 36 of Knit Today.

The Earflap hat is a particular favourite from the booklet.

I made one as part of a set for a work colleagues baby boy, one for my friends son and  one for a former sweeties  nephew.

It works up quickly although the beginning is a bit fiddly.

The two ear flaps are worked up first and then incorporated into the stitches for the brim of the hat.

I’ll take photos of the stages next time I cast on for one of these and it’ll make more sense.

I have almost used up my internet allowance so my blogging shall be even more sporadic for a while.

Happy crafting!


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