Knitters Wisdom

People often wonder why on earth I knit so much.

Some of these same people usually inform me, before I have a chance to answer, that I can purchase whatever I’m knitting inexpensively in a variety of stores.

You don’t say! However did I miss out on mass marketed apparel! Why I never. Thanks for the tip!


Now to get back to answering “why do I knit so much?”

It soothes me.  I can rely on yarn and needles to behave in predictable ways. I have control over the outcome and over how much time I put into it. I can put a tedious project down until I have the wherewithal to deal with it again. I have the freedom to deem some mistakes to be design features. If I’m really unhappy with how a project is going I can frog it and begin again. Or I can choose to put a previously enjoyable project on hiatus until such time as it feels enjoyable to work on it again. I can juggle several projects and work on each at times and in venues and contexts which suit the particular project and my temperament at the time. Sometimes life just rears its head and insists that I pay attention to other things, so my complicated projects take a backseat and I return to the soothing rythm of simpler stitches. Knitting has taught me to knit around the knots and the other realities of the yarn I’m working with. It’s taught me that sometimes, no matter how I persevere with a project, that ultimately either the yarn, pattern or circumstances are against me getting the project done right now. It’s taught me that it’s alright to let some projects go.

It usually surprises people to learn that I’m not a patient person and not necessarily as calm, stoic and positive as I may appear. Calm waters on top and a roiling volcano below is the truer picture……. like a duck that appears to be placid above the water line but whose webbed feet are a blur of activity below the water line. Appearances can be deceiving. Knitting allows me to fake it til I make it. To hang on in there when all I feel like doing is making a dash for the proverbial door.

Over the holiday period, knitting and getting involved as a volunteer on a project which made use of my craft experience, gave me the perspective I needed regarding college and its priority in my life. It’s no longer a priority. My little family is my foremost priority. Paying the rent, having nutritious food and having enough energy to be a supportive parent and hands on grandparent is my focus. I need things in my life which support that focus. Being a ball of stress over how I’m going to write up an FYP, study and pay all the bills is not conducive to being the head of my household. Not even a little bit.

So I’m putting full time college down until I have the wherewithal to deal with it again.

Friends are wonderful. Especially wonderful are the ones who bolster flagging spirits with practical ideas and positive words. I’ll get back to college when the time is right, when the resources are available and when it no longer feels like a burden on my shoulders.

Friends and my knitting keep me sane.

Long may I have both in my life.

Progress on Wyatt’s coming home blankie has me smiling. It’s almost finished.





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