Welcome to a New Year

2014 is my year of expansion and planning.

I shall soon be welcoming my grandson into my little family circle. His arrival is warmly and excitedly anticipated.

His momma-to-be is full of giggles, nerves, curiosity, impatience and plans.

The young momma-to-be has a penchant for making detailed plans and ensuring that they happen. She’s very good at this whole planning malarkey. Her enthusiasm for it  has rubbed off on me. This is my year to plan and see those plans come to fruition.

For a good long while now, I’ve been keen on making some bit of a living from my crafting.

For an equally good long while now, other people have been keen to see me sell my craftwork.

The wait is over. I’ve finally decided to start a small online craft business and see how it goes.

This venture has been sparked by a friend urging me to try my hand selling my work, in order to help fund my education, and  based on the pictures she has seen of my work on Facebook she is sure that my items will sell.

I’m working on a business name. I’ll share it once I’m sure of it.


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