Puerperium Cardigan

If you’re looking for a project for a new little human which combines top down construction, a DK yarn weight and a clever little twist you’d be very well advised to consider Kelly Brookers Puerperiums Cardigan design.

Here is a link to its page on Ravelry.

I can’t seem to find Kelly’s knit.so.quaint blog…..

Anyhow, Ravelry members will be able to find the free pattern download by following the link provided.

Non-member……eh, why wouldn’t you be a member of Ravelry?? It’s free, you don’t have to share oodles of details about yourself and you get to look at oodles of lovely yarny ideas for your next (zillion) projects. It’s full of win! 🙂

I have figured out why I couldn’t find a link to Kelly’s site. I’ve yoinked the answer from her Ravelry page.

The PEKAPEKA design studio and PEKAPEKA patterns is the re-branded name of Kelly Brooker’s knitting pattern line (formerly known as knit.so.quaint).
Over the course of 2013, pattern documents will be updated to reflect the new branding and a portfolio site established. Please bear with us during this time of transition!

One of my friends has welcomed a new baby girl into his family.  I had informed him before little K’s arrival that I would be knitting up a little garment for her. He replied that I didn’t have to.

Have to??

Knitting + me + friend welcoming a baby into the world = a wonderful excuse to knit!

Have to indeed.

K’s Puerperium Cardigan was made with one skein of “Sirdar Snuggly Crofter Baby Fair Isle effect DK”

Because I’m that pedantic I can even show you the yarns shade and dye lot.

Of course, now that I’ve got the Puerperium Cardigan bug I’ve cast on for another one.

It’s just a tad less traditional looking.


I don’t know why my instagram pictures aren’t showing up. Harumph.


2 thoughts on “Puerperium Cardigan

  1. Love this little pattern I’ve made 3 myself so far and intend to swathe any future children in versions of it at every opportunity. I have used it as a shop sample to display a yarn in my shop and am often asked if it comes in bigger sizes.

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