It finally happened!

Gerry got his scarf.

Spring Cardi & Gerry's Scarf 016

It took far longer than anticipated to cast on and get on with and even longer to actually get it to him.

I think it was worth that wait. As you can see the scarf had a rather auspicious first wearing.

Gerry sings with Ancor and tonight the choir took part in the first annual Sacred Music Week.

The venue was the Sacred Heart Church located on O’Connell avenue in Limerick City.

The church had fallen into disrepair and has been renovated by its new incumbents, the Institute of Christ the King.

Spring Cardi & Gerry's Scarf 015

I’m not at all religious but I do appreciate sacred spaces and it is heart warming to see the space being restored and used for such community building events.

According to the pamphlet Sacred Music Week is offered to the people of Limerick to celebrate and experience the rich heritage of Catholic music in this beautiful church. …. The Institute hopes that Sacred Heart Church may serve as a point of reference for the cultural life of Limerick.

The weeks events have been free with a donation requested for the purchase of a new boiler and to repair the pipe heating system. I’ll be dropping my donation in over the weekend when I will be, as they say, ‘in funds’.

Gerry was quite happy to be handed a scarf at the end of the performance. The lack of the pipe heating system was all too evident. Many layers were utilised in order to keep the singers warm. I’m glad I wrapped up warmly, as you can see from the picture above I was nigh on swaddled in knitwear, both handmade and commercial.

I’ve had a wonderful evening with the knitwear gifting and uplifting music followed by food and chat with friends.

I’ve even been organised and bought milk for the morning!

Wowsers, I am getting all wise and mature.

🙂 Happy crafting and a happy evening to you.


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