Cornice II Done!

The two shawls are pretty much chalk and cheese.

I think I’m over my Cornice addiction for the moment.

It seems that the last 20 rows are something that I just can’t face doing.

I didn’t do them on the first Cornice shawl nor did I do them on this one.

I don’t think either shawl has suffered from the lack of these rows.

Cornice number one has become my favourite shawl.

I’ve managed to wear it every day since casting it off.

It’s even been across my shoulders in the ‘traditional’ way when I nipped out to my car yesterday.

Who knew a shawl would be such a handy thing to have? 🙂

I left a positive comment on the design’s Ravelry page.

I was charmed to find a message from Rosee herself complimenting my version of her design.

That was so nice of her. It left me beaming 😀


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