Hey Presto I have new cowl

Worked using two strands of yarn on 15mm needles in one by one rib.

One of the yarns used was Wendy Moiselle

I’ve successfully busted my stash of that yarn.

This is what’s left of the other yarn. What it is remains a mystery for the moment.

I know it was bought from the lovely lady with the kitten whose yarnstore we discovered on a trip to a lovely place, the name of which I can’t recall at this particular moment.

Yarnstore with kitten


I brought a throw to the Learn and Share SnB that’s basically a big granny square that people admired.


I’ve just found the post that details the yarn it was made out of. Now I can say that I know what it’s made of.

Noro Blossom Colour No. 19 Lot No. A


Remaining true to my knitnerd self, I’ve already started on another project.

It’s called Cornice and was designed by Rosee Woodland.

It’s growing so quickly!

I love it.


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