Focus Ireland – Charity Knitting

It’s been bloody cold outside.

Heaters have been put on and fires have been roaring.

Meanwhile, those without home comforts have been facing the cold without the aid of “the basics”.

First off, if you have some spare cash, this link will bring you to the Focus Ireland donatations page.

If you have only a little cash, as is the case with many of us, and you can afford €2 then text KEY to 50300 to donate €2 and all of that €2 will go towards Focus Ireland.

Now that we have attended to the immediate ways to be practically helpful I’ll go on to share another way to be practically helpful.

Knitting a square of fabric that will then be used to create a blanket (or blankets) which will then be donated to Focus Ireland.

Read more about it over on the Limerick Stitch’n’Bitch blog.

Focus Ireland also have a Facebook page – go on and give it an aul like.



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