And I quote

“Startitis is a common affliction among our people”

I’m afflicted.

Startitis 008


Startitis 007


Startitis 006


Startitis 005


Startitis 004


Startitis 001

I cast on the crochet square above during todays SnB meet up.

But only after I had succesfully finished sewing in all of this ends in the scarf below.

Startitis 003


At least I got something finished.

Oh, here’s a thing.

SnB 20th Jan 008

I finished my Go Faster Polo using the Big Softie yarn that I was gifted at Christmas.

It’s awesomely snuggly, comfortable and warm to wear.

Plus, I don’t feel half as……bulky in it as I thought I would. It even fits under my rather snug fitting leather jacket.

Colour me happy……..and warm!


The downside of using Big Softie is this……

Baking and knitting 005


It comes clean apart. Baking and knitting 006 :/

Repeatedly, while sewing up the seams and once while I was knitting the body of the garment.

Not an impressive quality for any yarn.

Baking and knitting 004

I love how odd a garment can look while it’s still being constructed.

SnB 20th Jan 001

This is one of the sleeves.

They worked up wonderfully quickly.

Working with chunky yarn does give speedy results and that’s probably its most attractive quality.

It pretty much makes up for the downsides…….mostly.

That’s a kvetch for another post.

Happy Sunday!





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