Making muffins is hugely entertaining

Especially when they’re called Good Mornin’ Muffins……

Baking and knitting 024

Goo-tastic fun

Goo-tastic fun

Baking and knitting 026

Delightfully Messy

Delightfully Messy

The mixtures tasted awesome

The mixtures tasted awesome


Drunken Muffins!

Drunken Muffins!


and they turn out looking more like The Morning After the Night Before Muffins! 😀

I’ve had great fun though.

Like most things worth doing, I’m just going to have to practice until I get them right……..or at least sober looking.

They taste lovely even if the poor dears are aesthetically challenged.

baking 002

I popped them back in the oven for another few minutes which seemed to help.

If you’d like to see how this recipe is meant to turn out then head on over to the baker herself.

Next week I’m going to buy myself an electronic scales. I was going to get one for weighing yarn.

Now I’ll have more than one use for it. 🙂

I felt nicely occupied for the afternoon. I went to the shops with a plan and followed through on that plan.

My kitchen also now has a nice new muffin tray for half the original price.

It’s a Prestige and I picked it up for €14 instead of €28 in Shaws at the Crescent Shopping Centre.

They seem to be doing away with their bakeware section.

There are pizza trays, cake tins and such all marked down.

I’m off to have a mug of tea and possibly another drunken muffin.

Have a nice day!


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