I knit….

Therefore, I think before I do.


I knit……..therefore, I am patient.

No, really I knit so that I can be patient. I am not, in fact, a patient person. At all. Period.

I knit…….so that I control yarn, colour, sizing and apply my perfectionistic tendencies to my projects and not to my people. Yes, my people. Mine!  ALL MINE! *insert maniacal laughter*


I knit…..so that I can gift warm and cosy things to the people that help me feel warm and cosy inside.

Apart from winning a poetry competition when I was in primary school and being told that I sound, depending on the time and place, like either a politician, a diplomat or a very cheesy Romeo…….I don’t convey my warm and squishy feelings well.

That’s if I convey them at all.

If I gift you something knitted. We’re good.

If I cook for you consider youself part of a small but perfectly formed minority.

If I squee to all and sundry about the new yarn you bought me………….well….. it probably means that you’re up there with my interchangable needle set.

Speaking of which, have I ever mentioned how much I love those needles?

Limerick Walk 017

As I can’t find a picture of my the ever so awesome interchangeable needles here’s a picture of Jasmine appreciating yarn instead.

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