1st Limerick SnB Meet-Up of 2013


We like rainbows. They’re chock full of different colours, just like our group is chock full of different personalities, craft types and skill levels.

Made by Hazel at Cupcakery

Made by Hazel at Cupcakery

Ball of yarn

Hopefully, we will be able to add many more new photos of friends, old and new, linked by crafty endeavours, coming together to knit, natter, crochet, chatter, lavish praise on progress and share empathy on stagnating projects.

Our ongoing aim with this group is to provide a warm and encouraging space for people interested in crafting to share space, experience and enthusiasm. None of us are experts. We are all hobbyists who enjoy creating pretty or funky or usuable items with our hands.

It’s lovely to see projects started, tips exchanged, help given and happy crafty times shared.

If you’ve never been to our group and would like to come along then please do.

We are always delighted to meet new people.

Some of us are shy. Some of us are outgoing and chatty. We are all friendly though.

Sometimes we’ll seem really animated and as if we’ve known each other for years (that’s the joy of craft).

Sometimes we’ll seem utterly absorbed in whatever we’re working on.

Regardless of how we seem, come on over, say hi, pull up a chair and join us.

If you feel shy coming alone then come along with a friend. We’ll give them a warm welcome too.

That’s why we meet up in a public group so that we can meet other people who want to use their hands to create.

We meet in Zest Cafe at the Limerick City Gallery of Art on Pery Square in Limerick City.

Today, Sunday 6th January, we’ll be in Zest cafe from 2pm onwards.

It’s a lovely, bright and cheerful space.

We’re also on Ravelry.

We also have a brand spanking new blog. Check it out!

Crafty hands - both busy and resting

Crafty hands – both busy and resting

A new member showing me how she casts on

A new member showing me how she casts on

So we’ll see you soon then?


Marvellous 😀

Happy crafty New Year!!


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