Y’Know what’s awesome……

is when a person who doesn’t knit (but can 🙂 ) goes to the trouble of buying an entire kit of yarny and knit related goodies for Christmas. Two mates of mine who are never seen in yarn stores got me these.

Christmas crafts 054

Better than the yarn though, is the image of my daughter’s tall, Sons of Anarchy hoodie wearing, tattoo toting dad picking out yarn for me and doing a damn fine job too. There should totally be more guys with tattoos in yarn stores. That would add another layer of shiny awesomeness to my favourite hobby/obsession.

Apart from the fact, which he wasn’t to know (it’s my hobby, not his),  that I pretty much detest working with plastic straights (I’m talking about needles now, not people, otherwise that would sound pretty mean) it’s the perfect haul.

Along with that lovely addition to my stash, which will most likely make a cosy jumper for me, I received Baby Knits by Laura Long. Highly appropriate as my circle of friends seem intent on creating new little humans. 🙂

Other highlights of Christmas include me *not* locking the key into the car, *not* dropping a vintage plate and the rebel Teen teaching me about Sons of Anarchy and running through the Rubberbandits reportoire at 3am.

Good times.

A Merry Crafty Christmas to you all.

Note to Self

Green Big Softie Shade 3021 Dye Lot 137187

Blue Big Softie Shade 0341 Dye Lot 132860


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