This blog is about craft and creation….

I create with sticks and string. My creations are generally easy for other people to comprehend.

Even if others don’t understand how or why I craft, there is generally respect for the fact that it’s my life, my use of my time and resources. I generally don’t get laughed at or sneered at. If I do, it’s out of my earshot and not in front of me.

The fact that I have more stash than cash sometimes, doesn’t affect how I’m treated at work, in college or how I’m recognised by the government. (….it may well impact on my relationships… me, love my stash…).

Other people I know, go about the task of creating a social and physical self in the world which can express who they are on the inside and the gender(s) that they truly are and are meant to be.

I just watched a video that made my heart swell with pride.

This video is of the Joint Committee on Education and Social Protection and reflects the challenges around the  the expression of the inner self and recognition of the self which my friends go through.

For many of us, expressing who we are comes naturally. For many others, it’s a challenge to be heard, to be seen, to be respected.

I know some of the people in this video.

They truly rawk and do extraordinary work in the name of being able to live life with dignity, respect and safety.

Transgender Equality Network Ireland, TENI is a charitable organisation that advocates for the Trans* communities in Ireland.

Have a look at the youtube video if you are so inclined. Listen to the sincere words of my friends.

Open your hearts and minds at Christmas time.

Let’s treat everyone with warmth and respect and use the right pronouns (and if ya don’t know…..ask).



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