Advent 004

I’m not on the right day with this but have finally gotten around to creating a wreath.

If you look closely you’ll see a bunch of DPNs*, small balls of yarn and parts of a synthetic Christmas tree.

Make, do and mend at its, um, most zany and off-beat.

At the centre is a postcard of an amigurumi with antlers sent to me by a fellow crafter a good while ago.

I think it’s dotey. What about you?

You can find out more about #ShareAdvent over at Skin & Blister.

I think it’s a charming idea.

If I were doing this in chronological order I’d be blogging about a charitable act. Instead I’m playing catch-up.

Speaking of charity though, it is my intention to start giving regularly to Focus Ireland and more regularly to St. Vincent de Paul. Waiting for the bus in the freezing cold, as well as the upstairs heating being on the blink until recently, has given me pause for thought. Well, really, it’s how miserable and drained I felt in the cold, both outside and at home, that gave me pause for thought. The heating has been sorted so it’s nice and toasty warm upstairs in more than just one room. My car will eventually be fixed (hopefully by tomorrow but I’m distrusting the timescales I’m given as every one has been extended). So these are transitory inconveniences in my otherwise now relatively comfortable life.

Last year I was accidentally locked out of the house with no money to be able to go to the local pub for a coffee, no key for my car so that I could sit in it and no idea about when someone with keys would be back to let me in. It was blooming cold. Another isolated incident that left me feeling slightly vulnerable and uncomfortable without the basics. There’s a lot to be said for knowing that you’ve a warm place to go and access to hot water.

So while waiting with frozen feet at the bus stop waiting for a bus that didn’t show for half an hour past when it was meant to, I resolved to start making regular donations to those who are consistently in the cold and who aren’t just temporarily cold, uncomfortable or without access to a cosy home.

I’m also going to bust my stash by knitting up squares for a blanket or two that can be donated to either of the charities for those who need them.

It seems like I have blogged about charity after all, though it’s with a focus on what I intend to do rather than on what I have done.

Number 10 on the #ShareAdvent list is showing gratitude.

I was stuck for lunch money at work and still got to buy lunch thanks to a workmate who gave me a tenner.

Other workmates have given me lifts home while I’ve been without my car.

Two other workmates took their lunch break to help me find my errant Teen who had decided to mitch from school.

One workmate consistently notices my knitting and compliments it, often just when I’m feeling like an idiot about whatever I’ve gotten wrong at work or feeling weary from other life stresses.

One friend diagnosed the most recent problem with the car to be a blown fuse – in the evening, in the rain, on her way home after a long day. Knowing what the issue was diffused a lot of worry.

A network of people help with “The Teen” in many different ways.

This evening, my friend reminded me that Mo Cinema was on (I’d forgotten due to A&E drama & another case of suspected appendicitis on Tuesday night) and I got to spend a lovely evening with her watching some hilarious shorts and she was good enough to drive me back home afterwards. Not having to wait in the cold was such a boon. Having fun on the heels of a very stressful night in A&E was much needed.

Thanks to the people in the different spheres of my life, even when things go belly up, things still aren’t all that bad. I have people in my life who give a dam and I’m not alone and I very much appreciate that.

*double pointed needles


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