Secret Santa Progress

It’s coming along nicely.

Which is more than can be said for my car.

Since it was vandalized over Halloween, it’s been lying idle at the mechanics.

They had to jump start the battery so that my father could drive it home.

When he tried to start it again several hours later it refused to budge.

We jump started it this morning using a new set of jump leads (his other set had split up and he could only find one).

Lo and behold it started, so all was well. I went to a local shopping centre and picked up some bits and pieces while the Teen edged from her usual zombie “just woken up” state into a more amenable wakeful state.

By the time I had put away my few essentials from the shopping trip and gotten back into the car with the Teen the car was point blank refusing to start in any way.

Jump leads out again……….nadda.

Off to Halfords we went for a new battery. The plus point of the day was how friendly and helpful the staff there were. Seriously. It wasn’t the fake “my manager is looking and I reallly want to make my commission” type of friendly. It was a real, honest to goodness, I’m a nice person and I enjoy helping people and am good at my job type of friendly and helpful. I only wish more businesses would follow suit.

The staff member who helped us happened to be on his lunch break when he noticed that we were obviously clueless and asked if he could help.

I’ll definitely give them my custom again.

Anyway, enough with car parts, you came here for the knitting….


Secret Santa Shawl 002Secret Santa Shawl 001



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