Sunday Zesty Goodness

Our little group had our usual meet up in Zest Cafe which is located in the Limerick City Gallery of Art.

There was something really delightful about sitting in the well lit cafe while being able to look out at the rain splashing down and the wind sending leaves skittering to the ground.

I managed to get the fright of my life while merrily knittering and nattering.

While in mid-sentence natter a man was just suddenly at my shoulder and talking to me.

I virtually leapt from my chair. He didn’t announce himself or introduce himself.

He was just suddenly in my personal space asking what stitch I was using and talking about his mother and sister knitting but that he’d never seen the stitch that I was using.

My poor heart! He had no notion of how much of a startle he’d given me.

It’s always nice to get polite queries about knitting and hear people reminisce about relatives knitting.

It’s horrid though how people forget about being appropriate in their approach to a stranger.

The stitch he was so taken by is simple moss stitch. Nothing exotic about it.

The rest of my day was taken up with rearranging my living space with ‘help’ from the cats.

The helpfulness of the house cat in rearranging furniture truly knows no bounds



My poor shelving unit just can’t deal with the idea of another year of storing college notes.

Though I think it was being moved about 4 times and a stack of transactivist training materials that really did it in.

The current wip is growing at a fine and dandy rate. None the worse for having languished in procrastination limbo for months prior to being cast on.

I’m keeping my promise to myself of buying fresh flowers on a regular basis.

It doesn’t happen every week but most weeks I have a lovely bunch of flowers enhancing the sitting room.

They look even better in their new location.



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