Oh the Blue Triangle

Triangle of yarn that is.

It will look like a triangle……eventually

Simply Knitting Issue 89 February 2012

My copy of Simply Knitting Issue 89 is being good to me.

Yesterday it gave me Mug Hugs and yesterday evening it proferred this Triangular Shawl as a Quick and Easy Knit

Quick and Easy is not how I would have described getting started on this shawl.

A fair few months ago I tried my hand at making this shawl with absolutely no success.

I simply couldn’t get past row 9.

It was infuriating.

So I left it.

Last night I persevered and before I went to bed I had gotten as far as row 8 (for the umpteenth time!) and decided to leave it until this morning to tackle row 9.

It took a few tries but I finally made it past row 9 and am making good progress.

Apart from the little snag of having missed a row or repeated a row at some point.

The shawl is now looking just a tad mixed up as a result.

Tinking ahoy!

After just unravelling the ball of blue yarn I can now reveal that it’s Classic Collection Reflection Angora Gold Batik DK – 10% Mohair 10% Wool 80% Acrylic from Creative Yarns. A 100 grams of the lovely stuff.

Shade 105 Dye Lot 39666

Yes, I unravelled it.

I also added the info to my Ravelry profile.

It’s a geeky day.



3 thoughts on “Oh the Blue Triangle

  1. That is a stunning shade of blue, Lou. What was giving you difficulty in row 9? Good luck with the shawl and looking forward to seeing your progress on it next Sunday.

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