Holidays & Wet Weather Knitting

I am now pretty much skint after our family holiday but it was worth it.

We made happy memories and with my Teen speeding toward young adulthood these times are hugely important.

Staying in, busting stash and creating frugal menu options for next week are acceptable consequences of being able to stay overnight, saying yes to treats and generally having chilled out times with my growing-up-rapidly, one-and-only offspring.

We drove a lot on Thursday and found this business in the middle of nowhere on the Ring of Kerry.

The middle of nowhere business looks over a beautiful view.

We oohed and aahed.

Delightfully, the Teen was transfixed with the views.

Usually, when we venture down to Kerry it’s a one day return journey for me, while the Teen stays on for a few days or a week with her cousins.

This is the first time I’ve been able to really enjoy the trip because I got to relax after driving down and actually explore Killarney town. Neither the Teen or I felt overly compromised. She got to do her stuff and I got to do mine, and happily, there was overlap in what we enjoyed doing.

She has stated that her favourite part of going anywhere is the journey.

I see more road trips in our future.

Hopefully, it’s something that will keep us connected as she establishes herself as a young adult.

In a few short years the Teen will be doing the driving.

We made small donations to both charity boxes. It was our spare change but at least we had it to spare.

We’re also both mobile and clear-sighted (let’s leave my dodgy hearing out of it).

Ladies View is as far along the Ring of Kerry that we got.

We attempted to drive further, but I realised how high up we were and couldn’t see the road ahead and wussed out about going further.

We enjoyed beautiful weather on Wednesday, the day we arrived, and while the Teen slept soundly in the B&B, I got to enjoy Killarney National Park. It was blissful to be able to stretch my legs after the drive down and unwind.

We went for food together when she woke up. We laughed and chatted. I watched Tom & Jerry and made the Teen roll her eyes with how entertained I was by a cartoon. She, grown up that she is, watched American basketball on the other TV in the diner.

The Thursday brought rain but it didn’t dampen our spirits. It just gave us the motivation to explore the area around Killarney town. Explore we definitely did! We drove from Killarney to Ladies View, back to Killarney, through Killorglin, through Castlemaine and into Tralee. Took a quick pitstop and then headed back to Kilarney via a more direct route.

The Teen met up with her auntie and is now having time with her extended family in very rural Kerry.

Today finds me exhausted. Partly from all the driving. Partly from Capoeira class. Partly from staying up late with lovely friends who provided food, laughter and much needed and enjoyed company into the wee hours.

So today, I blog, I drink coffee and tea, make plans for Monday and take advantage of the weather.

It’s raining. It’s actually been pouring down. I’m achey and tired. It’s kind of chilly.

So what to do?

Take advantage of the chill and the rain and make progress on this:

It’s growing. Slowly but surely.

Happy times folks.

I hope you have wonderful, simple, happy times wherever you are. 🙂



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