Sun on the Strand

O’Callaghan’s Strand that is.

It was much warmer than it looks. There was a bit of a chill in the shade, but overall it was a lovely afternoon.

My reading material of choice marked me out as the geek that I truly am.

The Object Oriented Thought Process by Matt Weisfeld

A lovely sojourn to the Milk Market rounded off my Sunday nicely.

I didn’t even knit while I was in town thanks to the combination of company and chillaxing.

There has been progress on the “Cream Coverlet” (which isn’t cream).

I’ve nearly finished the second repeat of the established pattern.

True to form I’m also juggling other projects.

The other active project is Sedgemoor.

The majority of this project has been knit up and cast off and is making quite the brilliant cat bed. :/

At last Craft Brunch I frogged the progress that I’d made on the sleeves of this project.

I had been in the zone and ended up casting off the correct amount of stitches over the wrong amount of rows.

In essence, the sleeves were turning out “wonky”.

Tinking back was going to be mind-numbing so I decided on frogging them.

They’re coming along nicely since starting afresh.



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