Smoothly goes it

The Hope Chest has been approved of by the household felines.

Both felines have inspected, though mercifully not slept on, the Baby Cardigan by Sirdar.

The Teen has suggested that this would make a fine dress in future iterations (even though I’m done with the college year the jargon of systems development still breaks its way through).

Methinks the Teen is spot on. It could totally be knit in the round to make a ‘skirt’ and then separated into fronts and back.

I cast on for one of the sleeves last night and got it about 3/4 done before heading to bed with “The Object Orientated Thought Process” by Matt Weisfield. (Yes, I *am* that much of a nerd).

I’ve got a cuppa to finish before I head into Zest for our Craft Brunch.




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