Look what I made! 😀

Soldering rawks!

MiLKlabs stands for Made in Limerick.

This is their website and here is their FB page.

The group is based in the Franciscan Friary, Henry Street, Limerick.

Yoinked from their FB page is a description of what MiLKlabs is: –

MiLKlabs is the Limerick hackerspace – a shared physical space for any and all creative projects: art, woodwork, software, photography and electronics – to name but a few.

Our aim is to provide Limerick with a place for people to work and collaborate on creative projects, to learn and to share their knowledge. We welcome all skill levels and all creative ideas.

Nifty, isn’t it 😀

I did an electronic assembly course an age ago and really enjoyed following the specs and assembling all the components with solder.

It’s always a pleasure to build/craft/create things with my hands.

Of course, it’s been soooooo long since I did that course that I would have been lost if the lovely MiLKlabs Trevor hadn’t guided me through it. Thank you Trevor! 😀

If you happen to be within sane travelling distance of Limerick city, then please do make contact with MiLKlabs and see what lovely stuff they can help you put together.

Happy crafting folks!


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