What a lovely day!

Limerick Vibe was on in Raggle Taggle Studio, Sarsfield Street today.

It was a series of ‘taster’ classes that people could pop into and participate for free (with donations being kindly accepted).

My lovely friend Stiofan reminded me that it was on and I’m glad that he did.

I tried my hand at Tai Chi, listened to the Storyteller and enjoyed Dancing for All.

A wonderful way to spend a soggy afternoon.


Progress on both the Right and Left fronts of Sedgemoor with only minor tinking back required to remedy the occassional forgotten twisted stitch.

Apparently, circulars are great toys for batting and chewing.

Jasmine taught me this.

I’m utterly glad that she didn’t run off with it as it’s got Sedgemoor on it!

A friend of mine has become an uncle.

The natural result of this is a new baby project.

You recall Valen’s Vintage Vest?


Well, both of these colourways are destined to become vintage vests.

The Vintage Vest pattern is perfect for babies with big heads and no necks.

I sourced the pattern from Knitting Magazine, November 2008 Issue 56


The brown colourway is Hayfield Bonus DK, 100g, Shade 0949 Lot 303210.

The blue/green colourway is Patons FAB! DK, 100g, Shade 02356 Lot 561110.

Both purchased at Singer Sewing Centre today after giving up on getting my friend to dish what colours would best suit the new baby.





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