And life moves on…..

As the wider family bade farewell to our lovely mother/granny/aunt/greatgrandmother/sister/thoroughly lovely human being, my smaller family celebrated the Teen turning 14.

With the genetic heritage that has been shared with her, she has many decades in which to make her mark.

Maybe she’ll take up the piano like gran dreamed…..

Sunday brought cupcakes from the lovely Hazel

Vanilla, breakfast and Red Velvet cupcakes

Along with Flake cake, dancing, keepsie upsie with a balloon and much attention given to our pets.

I’m wishing that I had given a tad more attention to my latest work-in-progress.

You may recall that I had an urge to cast on a baby knit or two……

Well, I did. It went swimmingly and giving the desired dose of satisfying payback……..when I noticed that the second page of the pattern was missing. Noticed only after completing the entirety of the back and a sizeable portion of the left front side.


Oh well, back to the knitterly drawing board.

Sirdar Pattern 3956


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