One of my favourite people breathed her last on Wednesday.

Catherine Dennehy, my gran, who sought in vain and with much patience to teach a much younger me to play piano, who gave up on my walking like a lady by the time I was 15 and who always had my back, experienced a second childhood in the nursing home that she resided in for the last few years.

She was ever content with the view from her room, the companionship of her peers in the home and let me know time and again how lovely the nurses and cleaners were.

I’ll shortly be shooing my father into the car so that we can get to her removal on time.

A few years ago I visited gran around Christmas time. She was in the common room of the nursing home. She briefly greeted me & speedily refocused her attention on the grandchild of one of the residents playing piano. There were enthused rounds of applause when she finished her recital & we younger generations were introduced. “and can your granddaughter play (the piano)?” “No. She started to learn” replies gran “but she can knit, crochet & embroider. She’s won prizes for knitting. Can your grandchild?” she enquired. “I’m afraid not” responded the lady

*insert image of my gran beaming ear to ear*

I think she figured that I had the potential to play the piano and could always get back to it, whereas manual dexterity and the creativity associated with handcrafts are skillsets that not everyone possesses or develops. In her eyes I was continuing on the skillsets that were passed to me from the generations that came before me.

I come from a rather long line of seamstresses and milliners.

Thank goodness that at least I could knit.

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