Well darn it!

No, I’m not in angst over a frayed pair of handknit socks.

Although, that was a good guess. Well done šŸ™‚

It’s more a case of blasted technology ><

My memory card refuses to play nice with my computer and cough up the pictures that I wanted to write this post around.


Sedgemoor is chugging along nicely with only minor tinking required.

In my zest for mastering the complicated parts of the pattern I managed to overlook some of the simpler details.

Easily rectified (well, with some patience and the help of a cable needle it was fairly easily rectified….okay it was a minor pain in the behind but worth the hassle).

Froodie’s Throw is…….resting…..while Buttons rests on it.

My stash tidying spree has resulted in my 3 drawer storage….thingy becoming chock full of fairly neatly wound balls of yarn.

No wonder one of the Teen’s friends asked “….do you think you’ll knit all that before you die??”

At this point I’m starting to wonder!

It’s not *that* bad.



No, really!

Other knitters have larger stashes than mine.

Of course, many of them may be designers……or yarn store owners……..

In other news, I seem to have a nagging desire to knit baby clothes.

It’s sort of been swirling around in the background for a while.

I’m pretty sure it’s down to my thinking of baby knits as satisfying quick knits.

Nothing to do with the Teen swiftly growing into a towering Amazon-like young woman with no desire to wear hand knits…….other than this pink scarf…….

Trawled through hundreds of photographs on my computer to find this.

Also saw so many of my Teen looking so much younger just a few short years ago.

Tempus truly does Fugit.



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