School tomorrow!

Such a relief!

If these holidays were to continue much longer then this household would surely become night owls.

Plus, this crafter would probably end up with repetitive strain injury from knitting overindulgence.

I’ve been frogging.

The yarn in the picture should look familiar to you as it has been used, among others, to create the Log Cabin Throw along with a slouchy hat which I don’t appear to have blogged about.

These pockets are a mother to frog

Any old how, this yarn came to me via a former neighbour of mine.

There’s life in it yet and it would be a shame to throw it out.

It does take a goodly amount of patience to frog the yarn from the garment.

Upcycling and recycling for the win though.

This lovely mustard is one of several colourways included in the vintage yarn stash.

It is Aran Double Knitting Sunbeam Pure New Wool.

Made in the Republic of Ireland by Sunbeam, Millfield, Cork.

Shade 81 B Dye No. 2157

A similar mustard yarn from the stash has been incorporated into Froodie’s throw.

It’s the strip of rather vivid looking mustard at the bottom of the throw.

Honestly, it’s not quite that bright in real life.

With regard to Sedgemoor, I seem to have turned a corner with following the pattern.

All of the border is done now and I’ve gone onto the body of the back.

*happy dance*


One thought on “School tomorrow!

  1. I am searching for a copy of a very old and special pattern Sunbeam Aran Bainin Knitting for mens sweaters
    My favourite pattern and somehow a piece is torn and it is for rows 11 13 15th

    does anyone know where I might get a copy or I will just have to figure it out

    thanks so much


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