Women’s Little Christmas

Farewell Christmas.

It was great while it lasted.

This yuletide reanimated my interest in baking.

I got the recipe from a student cookbook which is chockfull of recipes requiring a limited list of ingredients.

My first attempt bombed. Never again am I going to add bicarbonate of soda to anything I bake.

Self-raising flour for the win!

My second attempt, however, yielded yummy results.

Gingerbread fingers and One Pan Chicken

The teen was also interested in baking, albeit in the theoretical sense……which basically means that she chose the cookie cutters while I did the actual baking of her gingerbread holly.

Yes, holly.

She decided that they didn’t taste like store bought gingerbread cookies…..which they don’t, in fairness.

So, I’m tasked with the duty to make use of them . They go grand with a cuppa and a bit of Sherlock Holmes  🙂

We’ll find a better gingerbread people/holly recipe.

Technically, my second attempt at gingerbread was my 3rd attempt at baking per se over yuletide.

The teens bravely tried it & their taste buds were overwhelmed by the sugar content

My first attempt truly did bomb…..or implode or……whatever it is you would deign to call it.

I’ve since been gifted Hazel’s cupcake recipe. Yay!

She’s currently embarking on a Pinterest challenge.

No clue what Pinterest is? I bid thee tarry over to Hazel’s blog and have a look see.

At the very least it”ll be pretty. What’s not to love about that? Hmmmm?

In other news, it’s amazing how fully occupied I can be by yarn.

Detangling it and washing it.

Of course, the black yarn had been nicely detangled before I took the notion that it needed a wash. *sigh*

My teen’s friend was much amused by how much time I devoted to the task.



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