Endings & Beginnings

Happy New Year!

Right, now that’s out of the way onto the knitting!

…..and, um, some crochet. Ahem.

The works-in-progress which remain outstanding from 2011 and which are cast off & merely awaiting assembly or a finishing touch are:

The Smoothie Tee & Knit Kit.

The Tee just needs some single crochet worked around the neckline.

That will be a snap just as soon as I can find my 4.5mm crochet hook. It’s around here……somewhere…….

Whereas the Knit Kit requires some sewing and assembly. As well as the addition of a button & a loop (I think).

Still in hearty progress is Froodies Throw.

The handwarmers I began to balance out the crochet have been in hiatus, apart from an extra row yesterday, since Thursday (I think, holiday brain has me a bit lost).

Languishing out of sight is Sedgemoor by Amanda Crawford from Issue 12 of The Knitter.

[Thanks to scanning through my previous blog posts for a picture to reuse I realise I’ve not even added my usual starting point blog post about it. That shall have to be amended…..just not right now.]

This Is Knit was the source of the lovely yarn for Sedgemoor.

A lovely garment and a lovely yarn…..so what’s the frakking hold up?

Charts & errata (corrections) have combined to halt my progress on this project.

It shall get my focused attention later on, well, today actually, once I’ve had several hours sleep. 🙂

At least I’ve actually cast on for Sedgemoor and know what the article will look like.

Which is scant more progress than I’ve made on Token Northy’s scarf.

The scarf to be is still just a bunch of balls......

His actual name is Gerry but for the longest time I only knew him as Token Northy from Dan’s blog

Dan’s drinking the fishwater while Gerry gives the thumbs up in the post that I’ve linked to.

So there’s a scarf to be knit. A manly scarf.

Though, truth be told, a sparkly pink feather boa could grace the guy’s neck and still look like a manly accessory.

As I don’t have a pattern & have two lovely yarns in two lovely colours to work with…..I’m kind of swamped with ideas. I’ve cast on and ripped back a couple of times. Overthinking it is the problem.

Maybe I’ll just whip something up while merry on beer. Tis the season for it! 🙂

May you all have a cosy & warm craft filled year ahead.

Below is a cheeky view of Froodies Throw which very nicely graces my armchair & the Smoothie Tee which, even though it requires a finishing touch, has earned itself brownie points in my book for being comfortable & well fitted.

A cheeky New Year to you all


2 thoughts on “Endings & Beginnings

    • The pattern is from The Art of Crochet and is called Chevron Throw from Issue 3 Section 3 “Around The House”
      Once I’ve finished the project I’ll list the yarns used.
      Keep reading & you’ll see how these projects turn out.
      I intend to keep making a post a day.
      Thanks for your interest.

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