Today I clean

It seems appropriate what with one year ending and a new year beginning.

That……and the fact that I’ve managed to use all the cutlery & every one of the mugs that I enjoy drinking tea and coffee from.

Yes, I’m particular about my mugs. We all have issues. That just happens to be one of mine.

Speaking of which (mugs, not issues), the teen and I enjoyed a meal in Marco Polo restaurant a couple of days ago.

Lovely decor, comfy seats, friendly staff, yummy food and the best of all…….they served their cappucino in mugs!

In proper mugs. I was ever so pleased. No dinky cups. No boat like containers wherein the liquid is tepid as soon as it arrives to the table.

A proper, though diminuitive in comparison to my home collection, mug of cappucino that stayed appropriately hot.

Whatever about the food, I shall be returning to Marco Polo for cappucino!

From cappucino I move onto latte. That’s what the lovely Hazey Fantazey made for me when I popped around to give her the Log Cabin blanket she earned by getting married to her lovely man. I say she earned it because she poured such tender loving care into creating a wedding day that not only reflected her relationship with her man and their relationship to her daughter, affectionately referred to as Dolly, but it also reflected how big a heart she has. She created a welcoming  space where those in attendance were received with warmth, rather than duty, and were made a part of their binding together as a married couple. I felt honoured and privileged to be a part of their day which declared their committment to their family unit.

So yes, she earned this symbol of  warmth and happiness, of snuggles, time & commitment.

How does a blanket symbolise committment?

Think about how many knitted rows it took to create this blanket.

Think about how many stitches it took to create each row.

Think of how much time I’ve committed to making this for my lovely friend.

So many hours that they equal days or possibly weeks (I haven’t kept count….even I’m not *that* pedantic).

She deserves my commitment of time. Why? She’s Hazel. She’s lovely and I get to call her my friend. That’s why.

Hazel puts considered effort and an eye for perfection into everything that I’ve seen her do or seen the results of.

I’m not so structured, methodical or fastidious in my approach to almost anything.

So it was that I procrastinated hugely on casting off the final 10 stitches (only 10 stitches) which kept this gift a work-in-progress for oh-so-blooming-long!

You see, dear readers, after casting off those 10 stitches would come the sewing in of ends, which I’ve already posted about.

The sewing in of ends is a chore for many knitters. I don’t mind it though. However, I can be haphazard with it if the project is destined for use by me.

Not so for this offering to my lovely, eye-for-detail, fastidious friend!

It had to be perfect! In the end, I decided that I’d rather get it to her this decade rather than dawdle over it waiting for perfection to appear.

Ends got sewn & neatly (as I could do) snipped. Blanket was gently washed (not for reasons of blocking but due to the practical realities of living with cats who gladly share their coats).

Project was coaxed neatly (with the minimal of swearing and maximum of teen amusement) into a box that Hazel had lent me over the summer.

So it was that Hazel finally (FINALLY!!!!!!) received her wedding gift from me. Then promptly fed me cupcakes and latte. Nyom!

In her own words, she goo’ed over it.

Yes! I have achieved. It passed muster & she declined to spot even a smidge of less-than-perfect sewing in.


*happy dance*

This is where she’s put it!

In their marital chamber.


Now if you’d all be so kind and take a wander over to Hazels blog, I’d be much obliged. It’s chock full of lovely creations. You do like cupcakes dont’ you?

Happy crafting folks!


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