When it’s yuck outside…..

Then you know it’s got to be crafty & creative inside.

A friend suggested that it’s a day for eating.

The cats think it’s a day for sleeping.

Froodies Throw had grown a few more rows since yesterday.

While I like crocheting these throws (once the swearing stage is past), I do find crochet to be more work than knitting.

I surmise it’s the fact that I have to look at what I’m doing when I crochet whereas I can knit away merrily without so much as a glance down (depending on yarn type & pattern level of course).

So, even though I have a crochet project in progress, a scarf to knit for a friend & a waistcoat-in-progress for another friend…..I’ve cast on another knitting project.

It’s from Knitting January 2012 Issue 98.

From page 54 – Weekend Knits by Sarah Hazell.

My father brought me back a stash of yarn from San Francisco including Jo Sharp Silk Road Tweed.

It’s been patiently waiting in my stash collection while I’ve wondered how to do it justice.

These handwarmers may deliver that justice.

This is what else I’m doing……

You can’t beat a jigsaw on a rainy day and it has been far too long since I’ve put one of these together.

Happy crafting folks.




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