222 kms…..

That’s how far my current work-in-progress and I travelled today.

Down to Killarney and back.

If you’re down that way and in search of a place to pop into that offers a warm fire, friendly service & a lovely, reasonably priced Shepherd’s Pie then I suggest trying The Snug Bar at Scotts Hotel.  It’s in the town centre. You can’t miss it (famous last words).

Any old how, I spent a lovely hour or so in there enjoying one of the gifts the teen gave me.

I’m loving it. I adore reading the Anita Blake series. Although, thanks to my station manager Martina while we were in Cork for Campus Connections, I’ve discovered that it’s not really suitable material for reading aloud.  🙂

When I finished my 1st year exams I purchased ‘Bullet’ as a treat to myself for enduring the joys that exam time brings.

It was my intention to treat myself likewise when I’d finished my 2nd year exams. However, there was always a reason to spend the money on something other than ‘Hit List’.

Yay for the teen buying the parental unit just what was much sought after.

Along with catching up on some time with Anita, I also did a little work on Froodies Throw.

There are 25 rows of treble crochet so far. It’s coming along nicely methinks.

Look what I got! The teen handed it to me, after transferring her birthday make-up into another container, with the words “I thought you could use it for your needles or something”

Squeeeeeee! Storage! Happy days for this crafter. There’s no such thing as too much storage for a crafter y’know.

I’m off to have the last of the trifle. It’s a tough task but I think I’m able for it.


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