A hook, a hook….

My knitterly kingdom for a hook of the right size so that I can whip up a blankie to keep a friend snuggly.

I spent a while this morning ‘playing’ with some yarn colours to see if they’d play well together in a throw.

It looks like they will. However, the hook size is waaaaay too big for the DK yarn that I’m stash busting.


I wrote the above section as a draft that I meant to publish a couple of days ago…..since then things have progressed…….

So, um, I may have changed the colour scheme a tad 🙂

The intended recipient has given her work-in-progress Crimbo pressie her squeal of approval (& no that’s not a typo).

I’ve ceased swearing at it too, which helps immensely. When I cast it on, I couldn’t get the pattern right no matter what I did.

My solution?

Well, I may have stopped referring to the pattern 🙂

It seems to be helping.

I’m using the pattern that led me to creating Moonbeam’s Throw. I blog about it here.


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