Knit Kit

Every so often, despite knowing that I have a project just waiting for me to hurry the frell on & get it started…….I pick up an entirely different project & start that instead.

This was that interloping project.


"Roberta" by Susie Johns


The knitting part of this project is done and dusted.  It now awaits curtain tape [75mm wide by 70cm long] and fabric with which to line it.

It’s easier to knit up than it looks. Honest! ……Well, apart from knitting the ‘N’ from behind. That was fiddly.

In order to ease things I scanned and enlarged the chart & ticked off what I knit as I went which made things much easier.



This was a nice stash busting project sourced from one of my many knitting magazines.

I don’t know any other type of magazine that I’m as likely to re-read apart from the National Geographic.


Let's Knit Issue 31 June 2010 Page 52




These are the yarns from the stash that were busted.



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