Brioche Mittens

These mittens started life in the upstairs area of This Is Knit in their oh so lovely new premises in Powerscourt Shopping Centre.

This Is Knit have not moved far but the change has been for the better in terms of space & the enticing fare offered by their neighbour, The Pepper Pot (I can recommend the organic porridge with banana & honey. Nyom!)

Right Hand Mitten

I got off to a flying start with these in the class I took in TIK & enjoyed my learning curve (as well as my teen free time & catch up time with a lovely other).

However, my knowledge of Brioche stitch evaporated between leaving the class & getting home to Limerick.

Perserverance paid off…..eventually, once I nudged my perfectionistic streak out of the way…..and I am now the proud and toasty wearer of my first Brioche knit mittens.

A friend of mine tried one on for size this evening & found that they’re quite a snug fit. I find them snug & have fairly dinky hands. The pattern I worked from was supplied as part of the class. It did the trick for showing me how to conquer the stitch, however, my next bash at these will find me casting on more stitches for a slightly looser fit. I would also try a more elastic cast off.

How and ever I am still pleased with these. 😀

Left Hand Mitten


2 thoughts on “Brioche Mittens

  1. I’ve fallen in love with two-coloured brioche fingerless mitts.
    Can I get the pattern? Going to the shop is not an option – I am in Canada.


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