Progress……of a sort

Firstly, I’ve discovered that Tivoli Ocean is not dye fast and that tinking back with this yarn is……challenging ><
Secondly, I really like top down construction.  🙂

The beginning of the right front


Being modelled by the blond bomb


Looking more like a garment as opposed to an octopus


The area I'm not happy with.....

When the pattern required me to cast on 7 stitches, I mentally shrugged and obediently followe the instructions.
[I know that doesn’t sound very much like me but even I can follow instructions without deviation……..once]
These 7 stitches eventually made sense and became part of the ‘collar’.
Now that I’m familiar with how this part of the pattern goes I’m going to frog it & start again.
I just don’t like how the seamed part of the collar will look. Turquoise melded to gunmetal grey. Urgh.
And yes..I am picky.
It’ s my hobby/obsession/procrastination device/future career so I’l indulge my perfectionistic streak.
[It beats unleashing it on anything or anyone else in my life. *pushes away image of teen bedroom/bathroom*]

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