Project the 11th Progress

The fabric is curling a newborn. This will abate once the final project has been blocked [prays to any and all knitterly fates to play nice & not make a liar of me on this point.]

This isn’t the colourway I first  opted for  in the store. This is the colourway that there were enough skeins of for me to make the entire project with.

Regardless of the fact that I knit, I am not a patient person, especially when I want to cast on for a project. I’ll order a more cheerful colourway for the next incarnation of this project.

So far so good with it, apart from the fact that Tivoli Ocean, being loosely plied, tends to unravel at the merest touch. It also has a halo (fibres which radiate out from the central strand), so it tends to tangle if it needs to be tinked.

I don’t recommend this yarn for newbies or for those with low tolerance for splitty yarns. This yarn will irk you beyond all that is seemly and cause otherwise mild mannered denizens to turn the air around them blue with choice swear words [……or maybe that’s just me……]

At this point I’ve reached sleeve shaping. This is a top down garment so I’ll be able to try it on as I go & make appropriate adjustments [to the garment….not me :p ]

For everyone sitting exams at the moment, good luck, keep calm, get enough sleep, eat enough & remember, you’re awesome no matter what grades you get.


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