Project the 11th

It won’t surprise you to learn that impending exams have increased my knitterly productivity, and add to that a smidge of being newly single, and presto,  multiple works-in-progress.

Tivoli Ocean - Knits to Aran Shade 163 Dye Lot 3


Yarn Forward Issue 26 July 2010

Top – Down Cardigan by Kate Atherley
I spotted this a while back & was urged to cast it on in my size as apparently it will suit me.
The model and I share only those characteristics common to most humans of the estrogen based persuasion.
Two legs, two arms, a head…..the basics. Whether any of those basics share dimensions remains to be seen.
I shall knit the garment with an open mind.
If it doesn’t suit me I can always start making friends with women whose dimensions are more like those of the model 😛

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