Yarn provenance

I came to the end of the skein I was using & now have the ballband from which to yoink the details.

The yarn used to make Project the 8th is Tivoli Buzz DK Shade No. 261 Dye Lot 757.

It’s a 100% Acrylic and comes in 100g balls of 300 meters.

It’s an economical yarn that knits up well & is easy to work with.

The multi-coloured flecks make it more interesting a knit than it might otherwise be.

I find working with bland monotones to be mind-numbing to say the least, especially in stocking stitch. *shudder*

In future, I could see myself working with this yarn again.

However, I’d be less inclined to use it for a vest or short sleeved top, due to its lack of drape, and more inclined towards it’s use for toddler wear, hats, gloves or blankets.

When worked in garter stitch it creates a delightfully smooshy fabric. It’s working well as part of the Log Cabin Blanket.

Other yarns in the blanket include: –

Sirdar Bonus Flash DK

Wendy Melody

Paton's Bracken


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