Project the 9th

No sooner had I cast off & indeed donned project the 8th, I found my hands longing to be gainfully occupied.

Along with doing a phenonmenal amount of laundry folding, airing cupboard rearranging & generally energy venting activities I am now occupying my hands with this.

Log Cabin Blanket 17.04.2011

I’m using the Mason-Dixon Log Cabin blanket tutorial as a guide.  I highly recomment checking out their blog by the way. It’s got a lovely format.

So far so good with the tutorial.

I’d recommend this as a project to anyone with a stash of yarn that needs using or indeed to a newbie knitter looking for a way to practice the basics.

By the time you’ve finished the project you’ll have practiced casting off (same thing as binding off) and adding a new colour so many  times you’ll wonder what the fuss was.

While the word blanket does appear in the description, this can also create nifty cushion covers or place mats, depending on the type of yarn used.

Referring back to Project No. 8 – The Sirdar Raglan Top

Having worn the top for a few hours I can attest to the comfort of the knitted fabric against skin.

I can also attest to having committed a basic noob oversight. I failed to account for the difference between the suggested & the yarn I actually used.

This is a pattern I’ve knit from before & get great wear out of my first attempt. It’s made from the same red multi-tonal yarn that I’m using in Project the 9th.

Even casting on for the smallest size, the resulting garment is noticably bigger than my first attempt.

This isn’t a disaster. I’ll still get wear out of it, but the top does have more ‘ease’ than I would like, especially in a knitted top.

I live. I learn.


Happy crafting folks!


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